Absolutely WILD

 in so many ways

Amazing Quality

 We are obsessed with the quality of our salmon. We set aside only our best of the best salmon for you.  Each one is hand harvested, bled, and iced, before being processed by the Sun'aq tribe of Kodiak.

Heart Healthy

Wild Alaska Salmon is a heart healthy superfood packed with omega-3 fatty acids. The American Heart Association recommends eating a fatty fish such as salmon at least twice a week. 

Bone Enriching

It is also a rich source of several nutirents that support bone health, including calcium and Vitamin D. 

Sashimi Grade

Our fish is blast frozen upon processing and kept at temperatures that ensure you can enjoy it raw or cooked. 

Brain Friendly

Foods rich in EPA, DHA and Vitamin D, like Wild Alaska Salmon, have anti-inflammatory and nerve cell protective effects  that support cognitive health .

Muscle Building

Wild Alaska Salmoni is a good source of protein,  vitamins, and minerals that promote physical strength and overall well being. 

Wild Alaska Sockeye

- 19%
10 pounds
6-8 oz Portions
Full Fillets (1.25 - 2.25 lbs per fillet)
Mix of Fillets and Portions

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